The spirit of learning an artist "Nikita Willy"

As a student, actress Nikita Willy did not want to forget it obligations, although its activities as an artist so time consuming.

Therefore, Nikita willingly sleep for 5 hours each day to balance his duties as a student and as a performers art. "Five hours of Sleep a day and it's consequences, so it must be accepted. For school assignments in the location of the filming, yes disambi alone, "he said at the site of the shooting, studio Persari, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, Saturday (26/3/2011) night.

Tampaknyan, sacrifice SOAP Star ' Daughter in exchange for ', not in vain. The proof, he managed to grab the most favorite actress category version of Panasonic Gobel Awards 2011.

As a speech and gratitude for what has he been, Nikita plan will forget kebahagiaannya with shared with orphans. "I pingin give donations to orphans, it later mama governing," he added.

Nikita went on, his success was so satisfied with it and make it into a high heart. "For sure I'm not satisfied with the existing ones. Do not be arrogant, too, "he said.

3 komentar:

  1. kunjungan dari sahabat baru .. salam kenal gan ??

  1. apik" ae mas ki kabare, hehehe

  1. nikita emang cantik dan imoet plus pinter dan cerdas.. sayang dulu kenapa ku putuskan ya.. hehehehhe

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